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The New STEAM Learning Lab

In January 2023, Women’s League Child Development Center opened a STEAM Learning Lab on its second floor for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

In the Learning Lab, children can engage in hands-on educational activities intentionally designed to develop their critical thinking skills, enhance their love for learning, and open a path toward STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) careers.

Designed with input from teachers, parents, and educational experts, the STEAM Learning Lab houses a mini greenhouse, a wind tunnel, a magnetic gear wall, building materials, a conveyor belt, laptop computers, and a broad range of interactive learning materials designed for exploration and manipulation.

Three years in the making, the Learning Lab was the vision of former executive director Ms. Karen Lott and made possible by generous individual donors and corporations

She said, “This STEAM Lab is a dream come true for us and the families we serve. Here, we are giving Hartford’s children, regardless of their families’ incomes, the same access and opportunity as their suburban counterparts for STEAM learning. We are nurturing the Black and Brown scientists, technology professionals, engineers, and mathematicians of tomorrow.”

What’s New

Ms. Karen Lott:
Why a STEAM Lab?

Melinda Johnson:
A Parent’s Perspective on STEAM Learning

“This is, once again, Women’s League leading the state and modeling best practices for families and for teachers…and I think it lifts our whole field.”

— Commissioner Beth Bye, Connecticut’s Office of Early Childhood,
at the STEAM Learning Lab launch

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