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E-Newsletter Vol. 12, No. 5

May 2016

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* Education Week Survey: Number of States Choosing Common Core Tests Dips to 21

*Encourage Middle School Parents to Step Up and Stay Involved

*The Latest Education News from All Over the Internet

*Q&A: Closing out fiscal-year budgets on time and on target

Education Week Survey: Number of States Choosing Common Core Tests Dips to 21

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Encourage Middle School Parents to Step Up and Stay Involved

As you know, parents can play a critical role in supporting their child’s success at school, and middle school is a particularly important stage. But it can be challenging to reach parents with important advice and information.
That’s where our Parenting Corner — Parent Involvement Center (Middle School Edition) in English (EM91675) and Spanish (EM91989), comes in. This take-one information center comes with 50 copies of 6 engaging magazines — each highlighting an important middle school issue — a sturdy wire display rack, plus 3 copies of a motivational poster! The magazines are:

  • Parenting Corner — Achieving Homework Success (Middle School Edition) (EM95560)T
  • Parenting Corner — Help Stop Bullying! (Middle School Edition) (EM95548)T
  • Parenting Corner — Raising A Drug-Free Child (Middle School Edition) (EM91304)T
  • Parenting Corner — Ensuring Your Child’s School Attendance (Middle School Edition) (EM91087)T
  • Parenting Corner — Encouraging Respect & Responsibility (Middle School Edition) (EM91187)T
  • Parenting Corner — Staying Active In Your Child’s Education (Middle School Edition) (EM95517)T
We’re so certain that you’ll appreciate the quality and effectiveness of the publications featured in this information center, we’re offering you an opportunity to have samples mailed right to your door — absolutely free and with no obligation!

The Latest Education News from All Over the Internet
Positive School Climate Linked to Improved Performance, according to a Brown University Study
More information on U.S. Department of Education surveys here!
(May require free registration.)
Find research-based school-climate and bullying-prevention publications here!

Penn State Study: A Child’s Behavioral Issues Take a Toll on Parents’ Health and Well-Being
This list-style booklet encourages parents to learn about child development, practice positive discipline, work as a team, and avoid stress triggers!

Queensland University of Technology Researchers: Settle Sleep Problems Early for a Smooth Transition to School
This list-style booklet emphasizes the benefits of consistent sleep habits!

ESSA Could Boost Family and Community Engagement Opportunities, according to an Education Week Posting (May require free registration.)
This interactive handbook helps parents and families understand their rights and responsibilities under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)!

Obama Administration Targets Opioid Addiction with Multifaceted Approach
This tabbed quick-reference guide alerts readers to the impact of heroin and prescription opiate addiction!
Explore additional resources to promote alcohol, tobacco, and other drug prevention here!

Elliot Kennedy, SAMHSA Expert for LGBT Policy, Introduces Report Calling for End to Transgender “Conversion Therapy”
This list-style booklet motivates parents to discuss sensitive issues of sexual orientation and gender identity with their teenager!

University of Washington and University of Michigan Study: Family Technology Rules Should Apply to Parents, Too
This magazine-style publication helps parents support their children’s safe use of social media!
Explore additional publications to promote family Internet safety here!

Our goal is to provide our customers with pertinent information and answers to all their questions!
Q&A: Closing out fiscal-year budgets on time and on target
Q: At the end of the fiscal year, we sometimes find out that we still have some funds available, and it’s important that we utilize our budgets. Can you work with us on fast quotes, shipping schedules, and other issues, so we can close out our budgets on time and on target?

A: Absolutely. Channing Bete Company has years of experience providing materials to professional educators like you who work with June budget cycles.

  • Our user-friendly Web site features an intuitive search feature and advanced search options to help you quickly find the products you need.
  • Our customer service department can provide a fast turn-around on quotes for more complex orders.
  • Let us know if you need your invoice to reflect a June order date. We’ll make sure you have the documentation you need when you need it.
  • We can expedite shipping so that materials you order now arrive before you close the books on the year. Or, if you prefer, we can delay shipping your order until you return following the summer break. Just let us know what works best for you!
Upcoming Events
Boost awareness and support students and parents in your school community — by taking advantage of national events!

June is National Internet Safety Month
These engaging magazine-style publications and concise, informative pamphlet encourage responsible use of social media and other Internet resources!
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Find additional publications to promote National Internet Safety Month here!

Summer Learning
Our inspiring activity calendars and magazine-style publication motivate family engagement and active learning all summer long!
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Find additional publications to promote Summer Learning here!