By Too Small to Fail


In celebration of Black History Month, let’s help our little ones appreciate the rich and diverse cultures and traditions that exist in our world.  It’s never too early.  Research shows that children as young as six months old can recognize differences in the way people look.  By modeling and encouraging tolerance and empathetic behaviors, parents can help children understand that the differences among us enrich our lives.  This can also allow children to better appreciate their own identities and build their self-esteem.

To celebrate diversity, you can start by singing songs about what makes your child unique.  You can also read books that portray characters of different races and ethnicities.  Share conversations about things that make each of us unique, as well as things that we all have in common. Know that by helping children recognize what makes them—and those around them—special, you are fostering their appreciation for our diverse world.



Talking, reading, and singing about your baby’s feelings supports their  social-emotional development.  By talking about feelings, parents can strengthen their little one’s skills in areas like social interaction, emotional awareness, and self-regulation!


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