Our program, housed in its unique facility built in 1994, follows a developmental curriculum that encourages active learning in an accepting, diverse, enriching environment.

Early learning sets the foundation for future success. Our teachers plan their instruction intentionally from observations of children. Their strengths, interests, and needs drive the activities that build skills

  •  Infants & Toddlers
    Our Center cares for infants 3 to 17 months of age, and toddlers from 17 months to 3 years. The individual needs of each child are addressed by a caring staff with specialized training in child development. The children learn by being actively involved in a physical environment that is safe and healthy.
  • Pre-School
    3 and 4 year old preschoolers are encouraged to make choices, ask questions, explore, solve problems and be creative. At the same time, they advance their understanding and respect for other children in the program.
  • School Age/The Big League
    We provide services during those hours children are not in school. During school and summer vacations, with full day, educational, recreation and social programs, including ell-balanced meals and field trips that explore our community and it’s surroundings. In addition to improving the children’s academic skills, the program builds self-esteem and friendships.
  • Children with Special Needs  Children with identified special needs may require care beyond the usual curriculum. Our staff works together with the child, family and other agencies to identify problems early, set developmental goals and plan a program that will meet that child’s unique needs. We have had great success by providing early intervention that builds on strengths and resolves issues before they become
  • Summer Day Camp Energy, fun and learning are all part of our Summer Day Camp experience. Children are involved in creative play, projects and field trips that enhance learning and development. The health and safety aspects of our camp are as important as water play, sports and crafts.




Goals & Results

Women’s League feels responsible for demonstrating the effectiveness of our program. We are typically involved in research based accountability projects that track our outcomes. We are monitored by all of our funding sources and our accreditation.

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