Big League CDF Freedom School

Women's League Child Development Center

In the summer of 2016, after many years of hosting its own Big League K-5th grade summer program, Women’s League decided to partner with the Children’s Defense Fund  (CDF) to provide the Hartford community with a Freedom School Program. The Big League CDF Freedom School program serves 50 scholars (students) and their families for 6 weeks during the summer. We employ college students as Servant Leader Interns (teachers) to work endlessly with our scholars.  A primary focus of the Big League CDF Freedom School program is to help scholars build “a love of reading” through culturally relevant books that represent the diversity of their experiences.  We provide families with information and tools to navigate their scholars’ school experiences.  We help empower both scholars and families to make differences in themselves, their families, their communities, the country, the world, and with hope, education and action.

2017 Big League Freedom School Summer Operation is July 10th – August 18th.

Meet Our 2017 Staff

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Project Director – Ms. Elsa Jones

Site Coordinator – Mr. Christipher Fleming

Assistant Site Coordinator – Miss Rachel Aviles

Level One Servant Leader Intern – Miss Rebecca Harmon


Meet Our 2017 Staff continued…

Level One Servant Leader Intern – Mr. Arun Narikatte

Level One Servant Leader Intern – Mr. Brenden Gamble

Level Two Servant Leader Intern – Mr. Traylon Butler

Level Two Servant Leader Intern – Miss Brittany Moody

Junior Servant Leader Intern (Volunteer) – Miss Cecila

 Weekly Newsletter

Please feel free to read our “Big League CDF Freedom School Community Newsletter.” It is filled with program information, bios, snapshot stories and photographs of our experiences.


Week One

Week Two


Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Week Six

Visit to the State Capitol on 7/21/2017

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